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31,43 EUR*
Details Adblue 30%--35% Antifreeze Hand-held Refractometer TA-701ATC

Specification Measuring Range: Adblue@ 30%--35% Ethylene Glycol: -50'C to -25'C Propylene Glycol:-50'C to -25'C Cleaning Fluids: -40'C to -10'C Battery Fluids: 1.10-1.30sg Resolution Factor: 0.5% 5'C, 5'C,5'C,0.01sg (ATC) Temperature Compensation ...

14,19 EUR*
Details Laser 4293 4293 Frostschutzmittel-Tester für Ethylen-Glykol

Easy to read indicator designed for modern Ethylene Glycol antifreeze. Also suitable for use on OAT antifreeze. Number of floating discs indicates the level of coolant freeze protection. Tests both hot and cold coolant strength. Reads in Celsius and ...

12,86 EUR*
Details GUNSON 77105 Prüfer für Frostschutzmittel und Kühlwasser

An ideal tool for simple and effective checking of antifreeze level. Whether summer or winter, freeze ups or overheating can be avoided.

39,76 EUR*
Details Laser 4705 Laser 4705 Ölablasswanne - 15 L

This 16 litre Oil Drain Pan includes easy grip, large carrying handles and integral spout for pouring waste oil or fluids into a recycling container. The anti-splash lip prevents spillage. Ideal for draining antifreeze or oil. ( Not suitable for spray ...